Welcome to Save My Marriage Intensive!

Are you ready to rescue your marriage?

  1. Watch our FREE webinar (coming soon)
  2. Take this relationship questionnaire. (both partners must complete this)
  3. Make the absolutely FREE phone call that will change your relationship and your lives today!  (both partners must be on this call).

Again, this Intensive isn’t right for everyone.  Our process is set up specifically so we can give YOU the very most value possible, while also making sure we’ll be a good fit for your relationship.

If you’re BOTH committed and willing to WORK HARD, then you’ll see amazing results with us.  If ONLY ONE OF YOU is in it to win it, or one of you is ALREADY HALFWAY OUT the door, if there is an ACTIVE DIVORCE CONTINUING to be pursued, an active AFFAIR, ABUSE or ADDICTION happening, our program will be a waste of both your time and money.  Additionally, we only select between 5 and 10 new couples to work with every month, so not only are we highly selective but space is extremely limited.  We know this program works and we are passionate about rescuing relationships from the heartbreak and disasters of divorce, despair and disconnection.  The definition of insanity is that you do what you’ve always done and expect different results.  Do something different today and let us lead you down the process that will leave you saying “We Saved Our Marriage!”



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